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Dearborn, MI   - United States


Code of Ethics

ADVISO, Inc. was established in 1997 with the strong ethics of our President and founder, Greg Nigosian. While other companies have come and gone, we continue to be a steady and honest force for our customers.

We recognize the individual rights of all members of the community in accordance with rights and freedoms, and display a fair sense of justice.

We shall make accurate claims to our customers, use only competent testimonials, and strive to be open about all aspects of the products or services we offer.

We shall uphold the principle of fair play and be vigilant against conduct which has the intent, capability, or effect of being deceptive towards our customers.

We shall not merely abide by the law in a technical way but will strive to serve our customers with honest values, avoiding all devices and schemes which prey on human ignorance or gullibility.

We shall support a healthy marketplace for all through cooperation with customers, other businesses, and every person who would benefit from an ethical, free-market system.

Self Regulation
We will honour all commitments and guarantees, and seek to resolve any disputes in a fair and expeditious manner. We will investigate and fully inform the consumer of any health, environmental, safety or other hazards posed by the normal use of our products or service.